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Site Assessment and Wind Farm Layout

By utilizing numerical wind models, HS ENERGY serves detailed site specific wind potential assessments based on a 50-year-long meteorological data, topography and land use information. With the results of numerical wind models it is possible to determine various wind characteristics such as wind speed at different hub heights and wind direction, on annual, seasonal, monthly and diurnal periods. Based on wind characteristics, it is viable to predict energy yield, power density and capacity factor variables. Wind farm layout is carried out with the purpose of maximizing wind farm efficiency, by determining appropriate turbines types, micrositing turbine locations and advanced wind farm design.

Wind Measurement and Analysis

HS ENERGY has a rooted background in wind measurement ana analysis. It is essential for wind measurements to have high quality and standards which is only possible through correct decisions on metmasts. Therefore number and locations of metmasts to be established, choice of instruments and technical specifications has to be determined. Calibration of anemometers with on-going control of metmasts and data is also critical. Wind measurements are reported annually and can be studied further in correlation with numerical wind model results. HS ENERGY provides highest quality and standards in wind measurement and analysis.

Project Consultancy

Project consultancy areas for wind projects span a wide array. Availability of transportation, power lines and grid connection alternatives and land ownership are the primary areas to be considered. Sociol-economic and environmental factors such as acoustic and shadow effects, nature protection areas, bird fauna and historical sites have to be evaluated. Project budget, cash flow and work breakdown structures have to determined and applied fastidiously. With her experienced crew, HS ENERGY will be your powerful project consultant.

Due Diligence

Analyzing the risks of wind farm projects is as essential for lenders, as for investors. HS ENERGY provides internationally accredited due diligence reports to fulfill this need. With due diligence reports many aspects of wind farm projects are analyzed including, project planning, financing, contract documents and permits. Project risks are identified while minimizing uncertainties and improving chances of success. HS ENEGY will be your trustworthy provider in internationally accredited due diligence reports.

Operational Energy Output Forecast

HS ENERGY provides short term energy output forecasts services for energy utilities in operation. Energy output forecasts are prepared through a complex study of meteorological forecasts and numerical model results. Energy output forecast services aim to minimize risks, while maximizing profits.

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